Watch: ‘The Last Man on Earth’ debuts at #20 in the UK box office

NEW YORK (AP) The last man on earth has been released from the hospital in Australia and will appear in the United States for a new movie in 2018.

The last man was released from his hospital in Darwin last week, where he had been recovering after a week-long coma after a heart attack.

He has been treated and released from hospital.

The movie, titled “The Last One On Earth,” is being produced by a new production company that will be headed by actor Adam McKay, who starred in “The Man from Earth,” which earned him an Oscar nomination.

The Last Day On Earth was based on the true story of an American man who was forced to leave his home after his family was killed in a World War II bombing.

His family was left with nothing after the bombing, so he spent the rest of his life building a farm on his own in rural South Dakota.

“I love making movies,” McKay said at the premiere of “The Next Day.”

“I like telling the stories of people who are struggling, or who are trying to move forward, or trying to survive.”

The Last Week on Earth tells the story of a young boy who travels to the far reaches of Australia, where the family is staying in a remote, remote cabin.

It is a unique experience, he says.

“It’s like living in a fantasy land.”

The film is set to star John Lithgow, who is set as a character named “The Father,” who helps the boy get ready for the arrival of a boy named “Jumper.”

“The Father” is an Australian-American actor who is known for playing characters in “Game of Thrones” and “The Good Wife.”

McKay said the father is not a stereotypical role.

“There’s a lot of people in our country who are very interested in this world,” McKay told the Hollywood Reporter.

“The father, the Father is a very special kind of character.

It’s an interesting, funny, humanized way of looking at this world.””

The Last Men on Earth” was filmed in a small town in South Dakota, and is set in the same era.

The film will be released in 2018, and will feature a cast that includes Lithgow and McKay.

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