Which New Year’s Pretzel Is Best?

The best new year’s Pretzels are here, and you can pick up your own version of the classic for a little bit of a discount.

We tested and ranked the best new years’ pretzels in the US and Canada.

Read more about the best New Year’ s Pretzel.

New Year’s Day, which falls on January 1, is a special time for many in Australia, but the days are long and long.

For many Australians, it’s also a day of celebrations and the start of a new year.

The best new-year’s pretzel in Australia is the New Years Day Pretzel at Cafe Baru, in the outer Sydney suburb of Wentworth.

We decided to go for the classic version of a New Year, and it was a bit pricey, but worth it.

You can find it at Cafe Barbu in the CBD of Sydney, and there are also some options in the surrounding suburbs, like the nearby Waverley and Warrnambool.

It comes with a small waffle bun and a large, soft pretzel that’s been cut and grilled.

The most popular New Years’ pretzel is the Pretzel Baru (with a twist) in Sydney’s west, at the Cafe Barouche in the suburbs of Marrickville and Marrickvale.

It’s a classic, made from a variety of ingredients, including apple, pear, walnut and pine nuts.

It was also the most popular on the night of New Years Eve in Melbourne, with many locals taking advantage of it.

We also tried a New Years’, butternut squash pretzel at the new Canton Hotel in Sydney.

It came in a sweet, salty bun with a soft pretzette that tasted like a chocolate bar.

The Pretzel, a New Zealand dish, was served with a salad and served in a cool, cold, air-conditioned space, which is nice.

This article originally appeared on The Conversation.

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