How to celebrate Tamil New Year in 2017

Tamil tradition is still being celebrated in a number of Tamil areas, including in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Tamil New Years are held on the first day of the new year in every state, except Kerala and Tamilnadu, in which it is celebrated on December 31.

In Kerala, the celebration is celebrated in February.

In Tamil Nadu, it is also celebrated on January 1.

A day of remembrance and celebration, in every community, is held on New Year’s Eve.

In many areas, Tamils will gather for a day of celebration to celebrate their community’s unique traditions.

For example, in Kottayam district, where most Tamils live, people gather at the town’s temple to worship in the morning, followed by the annual Tamil festival.

The celebration is followed by a mass at the village temple, followed the next day by the public celebrations in the village.

There are also festivals for the festival season.

The festival in May is celebrated as the end of the year.

In most areas, the festival is celebrated at the end in a public setting and the celebrations are accompanied by the usual music.

In Kerala, Tamil celebrations are celebrated at festivals across the state.

The Tamils’ traditional festival is also called the “saga” or “sandal”, and it is a celebration of the sun rising over the land.

It is also an occasion for celebrating the birthday of the king and the new moon.

In other states, celebrations are not officially celebrated and there are other celebrations.

For some Tamil New Year celebrations, people sing and dance in the streets, at the temple, and in the fields.

In some parts of the state, the celebrations also include music.

For other celebrations, celebrations can take place in places where Tamils have established themselves.

This is because Tamils are considered to be part of the Indian subcontinent and the celebration of Tamils in other parts of India is considered to have no connection to their homeland.

In some places, it may be important to have a large crowd at celebrations.

This means that people are allowed to gather to enjoy the celebrations in public, including at the local temples.

In many places, people are encouraged to take part in public rituals, including festivals and religious celebrations.

In the most famous of these is the Diwali festival in Kerala.

For the Diyali festival, people in various parts of Kerala gather at different places, including temples and houses of worship, to observe the festival.

People can also participate in the annual Diwala, which is celebrated during the first week of February, by paying special respects to the Hindu deities.

In several states, it can be difficult to find out where to gather, as there are so many festivals taking place.

In such places, Tamels are expected to gather at places where they have established their communities.

Tamils, like other groups of people, need to be respected and respected strongly.

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