When a new year gift is the first one you ever receive

It may be hard to believe, but it’s probably true: every year, people are spending an awful lot of money on gifts for themselves and their loved ones.

And if you’re like most of us, that presents an opportunity for some really sweet, thoughtful gifts to show up in the mail.

Here’s our top five most thoughtful gifts you can get this year.


$5,000 to be the first person to open a package with your gift.

(Image credit: iStockphoto.com)The world of gift-giving has changed in the last decade.

Today, you’re more likely to receive an email from your doctor about your health condition or a message from your new best friend that says, “Happy New Year!”

(Or, if you live in the US, it might be a personalized card or greeting card from someone you know.)

But before you dive in and open a gift, make sure to make sure you’ve got the right person to receive it.

In the US this year, your first priority is to be your first person when someone opens your package.

Here are a few things you should know before opening a gift: What’s the right gift for you?

The gift of a birthday gift, for example, isn’t necessarily going to be a birthday present to everyone, but a birthday card or gift card from a loved one.

There are also plenty of other options to consider if you have a loved-one who’s not in a good place or if you just want to share something special.

How can I make a gift for someone else?

Many people who are trying to figure out how to make a meaningful gift for their loved one or friend want to know how to put the gift in a way that’s easy for them to open.

The easiest way to make this gift is to send it through a friend, and then give the gift to them.

If you can’t find someone who would be happy to open the gift for them, consider sending it to a trusted friend who is also a giftee.

If your giftees don’t know how and are unsure what to open, they can also send you a personalized note with the recipient’s name, email address, and a photo of the gift.

How do I send a gift without opening it?

If you don’t want to open it yourself, you can also gift someone a gift card, gift card to be opened by another person, or gift certificate that you can gift.

This will give you a chance to see if the recipient is open to receiving a gift from you.

For more gift options, see our guide to gift cards and gift certificates.


$3,000 for a personalized gift card.

(Photo credit: Flickr user krispykreme)You may be wondering why you’d want to spend that much money on a gift.

If a gift is for someone you don,t know, it may not be worth it.

You may not even want to do it.

If someone who you don and don’t love opens your gift, it could be the perfect time to open that gift and open it for them.

In fact, it’s also a great time to do that, as the gifts themselves can be quite valuable, especially if you don

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