10 things to know about Chinese New Year’s Eve, January 1

Chinese New Years is an annual celebration, a time of celebration for the Chinese people.

This is the date when the government announces that all people born in China are officially part of the Communist Party.

In the Chinese tradition, the first official New Year, celebrated on January 1, is the first day of the year.

In addition to the traditional celebrations, there are several other important events that take place in the city of Shenzhen, including the Chinese New Wave dance, the New Year parade and fireworks.

Below is a list of the top 10 most important events happening around China during Chinese New year.

[Top 10 Things to Know About Chinese New Christmas] 1.

China’s New Year Parade and New Year Festival at Shenzhen Olympic Park [WCPO] The Chinese New York City Marathon, a huge celebration of the Chinese holiday, is held every year at the Shenzhen Olympics.

It is the biggest marathon race in the world.

People gather for the race in front of the Great Wall of China, and many of them are wearing traditional Chinese clothing, as well as colorful traditional hats.

The event is attended by a large number of foreign and domestic celebrities.

It attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators.

The race begins with a patriotic parade and concludes with fireworks and singing.

The traditional Chinese New Age dances are also performed during the festivities.

In this year’s event, people will also be able to see the “new-years-eve” balloon that is launched from a crane at the start of the parade.

This year, Shenzhen’s Olympic Park hosts the parade and celebrates the New Years Eve celebrations with a fireworks display.

[WCCO] 2.

Chinese New years parade at Tiananmen Square [WPCO] Chinese New New Years parade in Beijing.

The city is known for its history of Chinese history, culture, and culture, with a rich history of traditional Chinese culture.

This tradition is held annually in Beijing, the capital of China.

People walk down the streets of Beijing wearing traditional clothing and hats and hold a banner with the date of the New year on it.

They then walk through the streets to the Forbidden City, which is considered a major cultural and spiritual place in China.

This day has a special significance in China as the Chinese calendar is based on the Chinese lunar calendar.

In 2018, Chinese New-Years is the Chinese Lunar New Year.

It commemorates the first lunar year in the Chinese calendars, with the year 2017 marking the 100th day of Lunar Year.

During the celebration, people wear traditional Chinese traditional clothes and hats, and they hold a sign that reads, “One Year, One Chinese New God.”

In 2018 there were several protests against the parade, including an attempt to prevent the Chinese Communist Party from using the name Tiananman Square, which commemorates a Chinese Revolutionary War victory in the Battle of Tianan-men.

However, there were no serious injuries.

[WSJ] 3.

New Year fireworks display at Tianxin Square [ABC] In the past, Chinese cities have been hosting traditional New Year celebrations.

However this year, this year has the added challenge of hosting a major New Year celebration, as it is the anniversary of the Tiananmens Revolution.

In 2016, there was a huge explosion at the Tianxing railway station.

There was a massive fire that destroyed the station and hundreds of people were injured.

In 2017, however, there had been no major fire that caused widespread damage to infrastructure and the city.

In 2019, however the situation changed dramatically as a new leader was elected.

This new leader is not known for being particularly friendly towards Beijing, but he did make a statement in the wake of the explosion, saying that “no one is safe” during the fireworks display, which has become a symbol of China’s unity during this year.

There is also the possibility of some sort of conflict between the Chinese and Western governments, which may be the reason why the New-Year celebrations are taking place at this time of year.

The new leader, Xi Jinping, has promised to improve relations with the United States, but China does not want to escalate the situation further.

[ABC News] 4.

Chinese new year fireworks display near Tianxan Square [AP] People wearing traditional China traditional clothing in Shenzhen celebrate New Years in Beijing [ABC via WCCO].

The fireworks display is an important symbol of Chinese New Days celebrations, which begin in Beijing at around 8:30 a.m. on New Years Day.

This event is celebrated on a very special day as the first Chinese New Moon is observed in the year of the moon.

On New Years Night, the Chinese city of Beijing has a traditional New Years party with dancing and singing at the city’s Tianan Men Square.

This New Years celebration was also attended by some prominent Chinese celebrities, including actress Gong Liqun, musician Wang Xiwen, and actor Liu Yue,

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