How to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a dragon meal

New Year Eve is one of the most festive times in the world, and with the festive season comes an abundance of new ways to celebrate.

From the traditional to the outrageous, here’s how to toast to the big moment.1.

The Dragon’s Dinner The traditional traditional New Year meal involves a dish of fresh roasted dragon meat served with green grapes, red chile and a spicy sauce made from the flesh of the birds, and the traditional drink of blackberries and cinnamon.

In the early 1900s, the drink was named the ‘Dragon’s Dinner’, after the mythical dragon which ate the flesh.

Today, it is known as ‘the New Year Dragon’s dinner’.2.

A Spicy New Year DrinkA traditional New Years drink is a combination of beer and a cocktail made from sugar and water.

It’s commonly served with red chiles, jalapenos and other ingredients, as well as sweetened with sugar, honey and ice cubes.3.

The New Year Wine The New Years Eve wine is usually made from fresh rose petals, which are dried on a fire and then crushed with crushed glass.

The wine is traditionally served with roasted red pepper, sweet orange peel and red chilis.4.

The Christmas Cake New Year cake, made with butter and sugar, is traditionally baked with chocolate.5.

The Big Fish A big fish is a large fish with an extremely large head and a wide mouth.

The name comes from the fact that it is often used to describe a big redfish.6.

The Red Crab A classic New Year dish that involves crab meat with a sauce made of chili peppers and sweet potatoes.

It is typically served with orange peel, a spoonful of sugar and a scoop of ice cream.7.

The Biscuit The biscuit is usually a biscuit with a layer of crusty bread or a crusty cake with a side of whipped cream.

It can be made from bread, pastry or bread and butter.8.

The Crusty Cake The crusty dough is a cake made from a mixture of pastry and buttercream, usually with a scoop or two of ice.9.

The Chocolate Crust A chocolate crust is a simple, simple and easy cake made with a variety of ingredients, and usually topped with chocolate frosting.10.

The Eggplant A traditional New York holiday dessert, eggplant is usually served with vanilla ice cream, ice cream sauce or ice cream on top.11.

The Bacon The bacon is a small sausage made from ground pork or pork loin, which is smoked and fried and then sautéed with onions, spices, garlic, herbs and a variety on a griddle.12.

The Turkey The turkey is a meat cut from a turkey that has been fried, cooked and then stuffed.

The filling can be bacon, turkey breast or sausage.13.

The Sausage A sausage is a short sausage cut from the neck of a pig or beef, usually about 3cm long.14.

The Churro A churro is a sausage cut in half.

The sausage is usually stuffed with cheese and served with tomato sauce, guacamole, and a side.15.

The Corned Beef Corned beef is a thinly sliced, thinly sliced beef that is usually cut into strips and served in a taco shape.16.

The Chicken Breast A chicken breast is a breast with a thin skin and fat underneath, often with chopped onion.17.

The Beef Chutney A mixture of garlic, onion, cumin and mustard is usually mixed with tomato or tomato sauce.18.

The Jalapeño Chicken Jalapeños are large chunks of chicken that are cooked in a spicy salsa or limeade, then stuffed with rice, bread and a sprinkle of salt.19.

The Cheese A cheese is a mixture consisting of milk, flour, salt, sugar and eggs.

It usually contains cheese, mayonnaise and mayonnais, and is typically eaten with bread, salad or bread pudding.20.

The Fried Chicken A fried chicken is a deep-fried piece of chicken with a mixture made of mayonnaises, spices and salt.21.

The Black Bean A black bean is a green bean that is deep-frying and served over rice or chips.22.

The Green Curry A green curry is a sweet, savory curry made with the meat, onions, garlic and spices.23.

The Chili Peppers The chili peppers are small, round and red-orange coloured peppers, often used in the Caribbean and elsewhere as a topping for grilled meats.

They are often served with rice or bread.24.

The Sweet Potato This is a potato with a sweet skin and is traditionally eaten with corn tortillas.25.

The Spicy Green Peppers Spicy green peppers are red-brown peppers that are used as a sauce for hot and spicy sauces, chili peppers, and as a substitute for onions.26.

The Hot Chili Pepper This is hot chili pepper that is often mixed

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