10 things you need to know about bts’s new year deals

A new year’s deal is going to happen and you’re going to get one that includes a lot of free stuff and other perks.

If you’re not sure what all that means, here are the 10 things to know this time around.

New Year’s Day Deals and Deals with MembersNew Year Day deals are all about giving you a free month of BTS content, but it’s not exclusive to members.

The following deals will be available for you to try if you sign up with a BTS account. 

New Year Deals for BTS membersNew Year Deal 1: 1 year free subscription to the music streaming service BTS.

2: 2GB free storage on the BTS music service.

3: $20 off the first month of any subscription.

4: A one-time 10% discount on your first BTS album purchase.

New Day Deal 2: A one-month free subscription with the following music streaming services: Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, Apple Music, Google Play, and Tidal Plus.

New Deal 3: A year of access to the BOTV Music Channel, BTS’s award-winning YouTube channel, featuring BTS artists, and a curated weekly curated music video series.

New Years Day Deals for New Year membersNew Years Deal 1 (if you signed up with your BTS username): $20 off your first month’s subscription of the BTA Music Channel (you can sign up for a month at a time or if you don’t have a BTA account, you can sign-up for an entire year).

New Year Offer 1: Free one-year subscription to Tidal Music and BTS Music.

New Year Offer 2 (if not signed up for the free one-day subscription): A free month on any of the following BTS streaming services, or $20 on any one of the above: Spotify for one year, AppleMusic for one-half year, Tides for one month, GooglePlay Music for one full year, or Spotify for two months.

New years day deals are good for the entire month, but there are a few rules to keep in mind: You can’t get any of these deals while you’re logged in to BTS as a new member. 

If you get a BTR deal or a BTB deal, you won’t be able to try them during the new year. 

The first $10 you spend during the month will count towards your next subscription.

If that $10 is spent in the first 24 hours, it counts towards your subscription at the end of the month. 

It’s up to you whether or not you want to try these deals on your account at the beginning of the year.

New BTS Members: New BTR and BTB deals for new BTS subscribers will be made available at a later date. 

BTS is currently offering these deals for free for the first year of membership, so it’s a great opportunity to start the new years free month.BTS New Year Deals: If your account has been in good standing and you’ve signed up regularly, you may also be able get a discount on some BTS products or services.

If so, be sure to check the BTB Deals section of Bts’ website for any specials or discounts you may be able be able find.

New to Bts? 

BTA has added new features for Bts users to get more out of their BTS accounts, including: Instantly access the Bts app on your phone or tablet for more BTS news, offers, and news feeds. 

You’ll also be seeing an interactive map of BTT locations, including the Bottega Hotel and the BTM Museum in New York City.

NewBTS.com: Bets are now live on BTS’ new website and will be live for the next several days.

BTS is now also live in the United States.

If your Bts account has not yet been updated, Bts is actively working to get your Bets account updated.

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