Why Trump’s inauguration should be a ‘biggest day’ in U.S. history

This week’s inaugural festivities are shaping up to be an epic moment in American history.

It will be the largest in modern history and will be watched around the world as it marks the start of the end of an era for U.N. peacekeeping missions in Asia and the United States.

It is the culmination of years of effort by the Trump administration to move toward peace and security, a strategy that includes a dramatic shift in U-turns on some of the world’s most contentious issues, including Iran, North Korea and Russia.

The president-elect will be inaugurated in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 20, with the first event, the swearing-in of President-elect Donald Trump, to be televised on national television.

The first two ceremonies have been held in the White House, which was converted from a presidential residence to the nation’s capital.

The inauguration is being billed as the largest event in U,S.

political history.

The day will include a parade of the first 100 U.s. soldiers to wear the Purple Heart, the nation has never before held the honor.

But the events, which are taking place amid mounting concern about the threat posed by North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs, will also include a public celebration that will draw tens of thousands of people.

In the days ahead, there will be plenty of opportunity for Americans to celebrate, too, as the new president-in-waiting begins his administration.

Trump has repeatedly expressed support for Israel, while the United Nations and other nations have voiced concerns about the president-eason’s relationship with Beijing.

The U.K. has said it will not join a U. S.-China alliance, and the new administration has called for the U. K. to join the United Kingdom’s free trade agreement with the European Union.

But Trump has also vowed to work with Beijing to improve relations, saying in a tweet on Jan 1 that he was open to a “free trade deal” with China.

The United States will also have a big role in the transition, which begins when Trump is sworn in on Jan 31.

He has vowed to dismantle the federal government, but has said he will also create a “strong” and “stronger” federal government that will be “more efficient, effective and respected.”

On Jan. 21, a new administration will take office, and Congress will begin to work on a major overhaul of the U-S.

tax code.

Trump and his top aides are expected to push through the agenda, including tax reform, the elimination of some of Obamacare’s taxes and a crackdown on the use of government contractors by U. s corporations and foreign corporations.

While Trump is expected to move swiftly to dismantle Obama-era regulations, the president will be able to do so on a relatively modest timetable.

While his first 100 days in office will be defined by an ambitious legislative agenda, many of the major changes will likely be in the works.

A key issue will be whether Congress will pass a major bill repealing the Affordable Care Act, a key Obama-backed piece of legislation that has been a hallmark of the Republican-led U. nancy.

Some Republicans and Democrats are likely to oppose the measure, arguing it would take money from Medicaid, which covers the poor, and redistribute it to pay for tax cuts.

Democrats are expected have a stronger negotiating position.

While the health care overhaul is on the table, the administration is also expected to try to revive the coal industry and revive coal-mining in Appalachia, areas that have suffered economically under the Obama administration.

A number of U. States coal mines are still operating in the wake of the coal crisis, and coal companies are hoping for an infusion of money and new jobs in a region that is still recovering from a severe recession in the last several years.

As for the inauguration, the first events will be attended by celebrities, including actor and comedian Patton Oswalt, who will be in attendance, along with a number of high-profile guests.

The National Mall will be closed, with limited access to public events, including concerts, political rallies and the inauguration.

On the way out, protesters will be subject to search and arrest.

Trump will have a small crowd in the Capitol rotunda on Jan 27, the day of his swearing- in.

There are expected a lot of people who are planning to come out to the Mall, which is located on the northern edge of Washington, where the Capitol was constructed in 1865.

The Mall is not the only location in Washington where protesters will gather.

In mid-January, there are expected more than 300 people in the District of Columbia who will hold a “March on Washington” that is expected at the beginning of February.

Protesters are also planning to rally in cities across the nation, including Los Angeles, Miami and New York City.

There will be many other events in cities and states throughout the country that will follow in the

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