What we know about the ‘New Year’s Day Massacre’ that killed at least eight people in Seattle

By the time the sun rose on New Year’s Eve, there were already dozens of reports of shootings and shootings on New Years Day.

In fact, as of mid-January, there had been nearly three dozen shootings on the holiday, according to police reports.

And yet, on January 2, 2017, a few hundred people gathered at the corner of Broadway and Second Avenue in the city’s Rainier Valley to celebrate the start of the new year.

The area is home to several prominent homeless camps and many of the citys largest businesses.

One of those businesses, The Center for the Performing Arts, was set to open its new location on Broadway and Sixth Avenue in just over a month.

When the shooting started, security guards were dispatched to the venue.

According to reports, a large group of people began attacking security guards with baseball bats and other objects, then fled the building.

The Center staff and volunteers ran outside to assist in the emergency response.

At least seven people were injured.

By the end of the night, at least 10 people were confirmed dead.

The names of the victims have not been released, but many of those killed are in their late 20s, 20s and 30s, and the number of wounded has yet to be determined.

Many of the attackers are still on the loose.

According for the Seattle Times, some of the people killed on New York’s Lower East Side were shot to death while they were walking to work on a sidewalk.

According the Washington Post, a number of people were killed in Los Angeles in 2016 when a gang targeted a group of young Latino men for an attempted murder.

On New Years Eve in Seattle, a group led by a 24-year-old man was stopped in the intersection of Broadway Avenue and Sixth Street.

A passerby saw him throwing rocks and told police he heard three shots.

The 24-old was arrested and charged with murder, and police have said he was shot during the attempted murder attempt.

A 22-year old man and a 19-year man were killed at the intersection on January 1, 2017.

Police have not released the names of those who were killed.

According a police report, at about 9:00 p.m., two young men were walking along the sidewalk when they heard three gunshots.

The two victims were struck by bullets from an unknown source, and they died at the scene.

The 21-year and 27-year olds were also struck by gunshots, but both were pronounced dead at the hospital.

At about 11:00 a.m. a man who was walking down the street at Sixth and Broadway near Broadway and First Avenue heard four gunshots and rushed to the scene to report the incident.

Police say they are looking into the possibility that it was a gang-related shooting.

A man on a bicycle was shot and killed on the street in the area of Ninth and First streets on New YEARS DAY, 2017 in Seattle.

A group of men who had been drinking on Sixth Street near Broadway, which is where a shooting occurred in the previous day, were found shot in the head.

Police said the victims, a 32-year year old man, a 20-year, a 25-year former employee of the nightclub and a 20 year former customer of the club, were shot in separate incidents.

They were transported to Harborview Medical Center where one was pronounced dead and the other was in critical condition.

The victim’s name has not been disclosed.

According with the Seattle Police Department, there are at least 15 active investigations in Seattle that are looking at gang activity, including one involving a shooting at a homeless encampment.

The victims killed in Seattle on January 5, 2017 were shot multiple times.

According The Seattle Times , a man named Michael, who lives on Broadway in the Rainier Heights neighborhood, was at the concert when he was approached by a man he said was part of a gang.

The man shot Michael in the leg, causing him to fall on the sidewalk.

When Michael got up to get some money from his pocket, he was confronted by a second man who then fired several shots, killing him.

A 27-years old man was shot several times in the face and chest, according a police description.

Police do not know what the motive for the shooting is, but have said the men who were involved were part of the same gang. A 31-year–old man who lived on Broadway was shot in both the back and stomach.

He is expected to survive his injuries.

Police did not identify the two men involved in the shooting.

The 27- year old was in stable condition at Harborview and was listed in critical but stable condition.

Police are still investigating the shooting at the encampment, which police said was home to about 30 people.

The encampment was set up in a wooded area and police are looking for a number a gang members who were present.

In the days that followed,

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