How to watch the Chinese New Year – live coverage from China

The Chinese New Years is the nation’s biggest celebration, marking the end of the year with celebrations across the country.

Here is a guide to what to expect.

New Year: The main events in the country are New Year’s Eve, the day after New Year, and New Year Day.

You can also get the traditional Chinese New year drink and cake from traditional markets.

New Years Eve: You can watch the celebrations on live TV on the day of New Year Eve on China’s biggest screens.

New Year: A large number of events are held throughout the country, from candlelit balls, traditional street dancing and celebrations at traditional markets, to festivals like the National Day Holiday Parade and the Festival of Lights.

You will also find many cultural activities on New Year.

New year: You will see the annual New Year fireworks show on the morning of New Years Day.

New year: New Year marks the end to 2017 with the beginning of the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations.

It is also a time of reflection on the country’s progress, as many people return to work.

New years day: The official New Year holiday, New Years day, marks the start of the celebrations.

You are encouraged to wear a colourful and festive costume.

New weeks: New weeks mark the beginning and end of China’s year.

New weeks are the best time to explore and visit China, as there are many opportunities for family, friends and visitors.

New week: New week is also an opportunity to see some of the country in the evening, as the weather changes and people get a chance to relax and unwind.

New month: You are also encouraged to start your New Years month with a trip to the countryside, and you will be encouraged to spend a day walking through the countryside.

New months: New months are a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends.

You may also wish to visit the traditional markets and temples, or go on a tour of the capital city.

New months: In the winter months, the streets and cities are closed for a day, and visitors are advised to stay indoors during this time.

New month: If you are travelling in China, it is also important to make sure that you have the appropriate travel documents.

If you need help getting into and out of the city, visit the travel advice page for more details.

New years day and new months: The start of 2018 marks the official end of New Zealand Year, which is the official New Zealand month.

You might also wish for some New Years holiday experiences, such as the New Years fireworks show.

New to New Years?

Start with a visit to the New Zealand pavilion in the National Theatre in Wellington.

New Years celebrations are also held on New Years Eve in Sydney, with the same day being held in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.

New-years-eve-celebrations-in-your-country: New years celebrations can be found across the world, and in some places, the celebrations are held on the same date.

New Zealand New Years: The New Zealand New Year festival begins in January and lasts until the end, with fireworks, ball drop and dancing.

New Zealand’s national anthem is sung at the end.

New-years day: A number of national holidays take place across the nation, including Christmas, New Year and Hanukkah.

The official holiday of New South Wales, Christmas Day, marks New Years on February 28, 2019.

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