BENGALI NEW YEAR QUESTIONS: How did the 2016-17 campaign turn out?

NEW YORK — New year’s resolutions are the new standard for a team in a rebuilding year, and the Houston Rockets did just that.

While the Houston Astros have been in rebuilding mode since the 2012-13 season, they’ve been working toward them for a long time.

Now they’ve set the bar.

The Rockets have been working to be more consistent, more focused and more ready to compete with their rivals in the NBA playoffs.

The 2016-2017 campaign was a long road for Houston and the franchise that traded away Yao Ming and Yao Di in January of 2017.

The Rockets’ starting lineup was pretty much what they were expecting.

That includes Kevin McHale as coach, but also players like Carlos Delfino, Luis Scola and Tyson Chandler.

“We had a pretty good team.

We had a really good front court.

We did a good job on defense,” McHale said.

“But it wasn’t a very consistent team.

So I think the season was kind of a learning experience.

So this year, we’ve got to be much more consistent.

That’s going to help us as we move forward.”

For the Rockets to reach the playoffs, they need to be able to get more consistent defense, better ball movement and playmaking from their bench.

That is a task the Rockets face as they try to make the playoffs.

“I think it’s going really well.

We’ve been playing well for a while,” McHales said. 

“We’ve been able to do a lot of the things that we talked about in the offseason and we have a lot more to work on and we’ll continue to work with our coaches to get better and better. 

The Rockets went 15-19 in the regular season.

They lost in the first round to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

This was the first time the Rockets were eliminated from the playoffs since 2008.”

This is a big year for us,” McHalo said.”

For us to get in, we have to be consistent defensively.

We have to get our guys in and play defense and I think that’s what’s working for us.

“The Rockets are hoping to get a good game plan in place to help them in the postseason.

The goal is to go into the postseason with the same core and hopefully start to build off the success we had in the last two years.”

Follow Kareem Copeland on Twitter at @KareemCopeland or @kareemcopeland_espn”

[We’re] just excited to get going in the playoffs.”

Follow Kareem Copeland on Twitter at @KareemCopeland or @kareemcopeland_espn

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