“The Year of Trump” is a new year for conservatives

“The year of Trump,” as the title suggests, has come and gone.

It’s not only the year of the Donald Trump.

It is the year the left has found itself with a president who is, for all intents and purposes, an authoritarian who will be the worst President in American history.

It has also been the year where the right has found a new leader who is willing to break the rules and enforce the law to achieve its goals.

The year of Donald Trump is now upon us.

And it is not just the left who is feeling the impact of the election.

As far as the Republicans are concerned, the election was an opportunity to advance their agenda of deregulation, a new and more militarized police state, and tax cuts that benefit the rich.

The left, on the other hand, is feeling some of the pain of the presidency.

Its president has threatened to jail the parents of murdered Black Lives Matter activists, who he once called a “terror network.”

And as the election draws to a close, the left is going to have to deal with the Trump administration as much as the right.

In this regard, the past year has been a remarkable one for conservatives.

The country has been on a roller coaster of emotions since November 8, when President Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by more than 300,000 votes.

Conservatives across the country have felt the pain, as they have all been left to sort through the political wreckage of the Obama era.

There was a sense of relief when, on December 4, 2016, Trump conceded the presidency to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

But many of those same conservatives also felt the effects of the economic crisis that began in 2007, the global recession, and the Occupy Wall Street movement that began as a direct response to the war on drugs.

That’s when many on the right felt that their brand of conservatism had become increasingly irrelevant to the Republican Party.

For them, Trump was simply the culmination of a decade of dysfunction and dysfunctionality in Washington.

There has been some recognition of the new normal and a new appreciation of the need for a new direction for conservatism.

On December 12, House Speaker Paul Ryan announced his plans to propose legislation to restore a bipartisan consensus on fiscal responsibility.

This bipartisan consensus, Ryan said, is necessary to create a more sustainable economy, and to maintain the national debt.

But the conservative movement, including the Republican National Committee, the American Conservative Union, the National Rifle Association, and several other conservative organizations have refused to accept the Ryan plan.

Instead, they are pushing for a constitutional amendment that would allow the president to take over the nation’s executive branch.

The American Principles Project, the most prominent conservative organization supporting the amendment, has warned that the Ryan amendment would “break the separation of powers, which is a cornerstone of our constitutional democracy.”

This is a serious matter.

The constitutional amendment is intended to “preserve our nation’s constitutional integrity and to preserve our ability to conduct foreign policy with the full participation of Congress,” the American Principles project wrote in a letter to House leaders.

This is the real problem, says Matt Kibbe, the executive director of the conservative American Principles Institute.

“What they’re really doing is asking the Congress to do things that it hasn’t done before,” he told the Washington Examiner.

The House, of course, is the only place where a constitutional convention can propose amendments.

It must approve all the amendments, and it is expected to do so by the end of February.

The House is not bound by the rules of a convention that will take place on the House floor.

But Kibb said that, because the amendment is so far off the table, he is expecting the House to reject it.

“The American Constitution has been very clear,” Kibbing said.

“It’s not about a convention.”

The American Conservative Alliance, the influential conservative group, was not pleased with the Ryan-Pence plan.

It called it “the most radical proposal” to repeal the Affordable Care Act since the 1980s.

“This would be a major assault on the freedoms and protections of the people of the United States,” the ACA wrote in an editorial published on December 10.

“If this proposal is passed, we will not stand for it.

The United States will not allow the federal government to become a political instrument.”

And the American Values Project, another conservative organization that is also pushing for the Ryan proposal, told the Examiner that it is “a direct assault on religious freedom.”

“This is not a religious freedom amendment, it’s an assault on liberty,” American Values President David Lane told the outlet.

If the Ryan Amendment passes, Lane said, it will be “the worst amendment ever passed by the House.”

And that’s the problem for conservatives who want to make the most of this new era.

Conservatives can’t just sit back and wait for the president and his Republican allies to enact these radical changes.

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