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NEW YEARS FOOD New Year’s Ceremony is the official New Year’s Eve celebration for many Americans.

Many restaurants, hotels and entertainment venues have already announced plans to host special events to mark the occasion.

Below are some of the best new year food options to help celebrate the holiday.1.

The Biggest New Year Ever: Beef Wellington from New York City.

This beef Wellington dish, featuring a red sauce, spicy mustard and chile sauce, comes from New Jersey and comes with a $35,000 bonus.2.

Chocolate Truffles at The White Spot at The Grand Ballroom.

This new year dessert offers a chocolate truffle with chocolate chips, peanut butter and caramel, with chocolate sauce.

It costs $39, with the dessert set to go on sale December 31.3.

Caramel-Apple Tart at The Chocolatier.

The pastry, which features a mixture of caramel and apple, is made with two layers of pastry, and is available for a limited time only at The Big Bang at The Black Cat.4.

The Holiday Special at The Blue Note Bar at the Ritz Carlton.

This year’s holiday theme is the Bigger Christmas Tree, with a holiday-themed drink that is $20 a shot.5.

Chocolate and Caramel Caramel Tart at Blue Note.

This dessert is $10, and will go on offer December 31 at Blue Notes locations.6.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup at The Little Mermaid at the Royal Palace.

This chocolate peanut butter cup is a $30 gift.7.

Apple Pie Tarte Tatin with Caramelized Onions at the Palace.

The Tart with Caramels is $14.99.8.

Chocolate Mousse at the Big Bang.

This $30 mousse costs $15.99 and is the first of two limited-time offerings from The Big Boom.9.

Gingerbread at The Mango.

This gingerbread cake, which includes caramel, vanilla and chopped pecans, is available at all Mango locations.10.

A Hot Chocolate at The Gourmet Burger at the Mango at the Grand Ball Room.

This Hot Chocolate is available on Christmas Eve only.11.

New Year Cookies at The Pizzeria in Santa Monica.

These $12,000 cookies are a $12-per-dozen deal.12.

Hot Chocolate and Gingerbread Cake at The Palace at The Ritz.

This sweet and light dessert is available in all locations, and $25.99 for a $25-per person.13.

Ginger Chocolate Cake at Big Bang’s Bar in Los Angeles.

This festive, $14,500 hot chocolate is available exclusively at the bar, and offers a $16.99 gift certificate.14.

New Years Pudding at The Red Fox.

This hot and savory pudding comes with cinnamon and ginger, with an extra-large spoonful of whipped cream for a whopping $25 a pop.15.

Chocolate Cookie Dough at The Double Decker at the Beverly Hilton.

This one-size-fits-all cookie dough is available through January 15, and costs $25 per box.16.

Pumpkin Pie at the Pizzella in Beverly Hills.

This traditional pumpkin pie is available only at the pizzeria, and comes in a $7.99 package.17.

Cinnamon Roll with Chocolate Sauce at the Blue Note at the Black Cat in Hollywood.

This cinnamon roll with chocolate is $12.99, with additional chocolate chips to go for $4.99 each.18.

Chocolate Coconut at The Royal at the Plaza at The Crown.

This coconut cream pie comes with coconut cream, coconut milk, cocoa powder and vanilla bean to go along with a glass of champagne for $11.99 per box, and includes a gift certificate and an invitation to The Crown, which is the only luxury suite at the Crown in the Beverly Hills hotel.19.

Caramals at The Green Room at the Hollywood Palladium.

This caramel sauce, which comes with vanilla, cinnamon and vanilla, is a gift for the lucky winner.20.

Carrots at the Bodega at the Mandalay Bay at the Regency Ballroom in Las Vegas.

This carrot salad is available to purchase at all locations.21.

Coconut Mousse with Caramede at the Chocolato Factory at the Marriot at the MGM Grand in Las Vos.

This is a special chocolate mousse with vanilla beans and caramel.22.

Carrot and Caramander at The Palm at the Palm Beach Gardens in Hollywood, Florida.

This special coconut mousse is available, but only at select locations.23.

Chocolate Cake from The Rave at the Venetian at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Maravillas, Las Vegas, Nevada.

This cake, made with white chocolate, cinnamon, brown sugar and cinnamon, costs $19.99 with the special holiday promotion.24.

Carpaccio at The Hollywood Palladio at the Avalon Ball

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