Which Chinese state is celebrating New Years in the worst possible way?

New Year’s Day is usually one of the most colourful and successful celebrations in China, and the country’s celebrations usually include fireworks and other festive events.

But for the first time in its history, China’s biggest fireworks display is being seen as a failure by its citizens.

Key points:The fireworks display has caused uproar among residents in the state of Wuhan, where it is being heldThis is the first official time the government has attempted to take away fireworks for this yearHowever, it has failed in the hope of making the celebration more festiveThis has prompted angry comments from locals and criticism from government officialsNew Year’s celebrations have traditionally been seen as the moment the country celebrates the return of spring and the beginning of the New Year, but some residents are concerned about the new year celebrations being a failure.

Some residents have said they are not happy with the new celebrations because they do not go far enough and because of the lack of fireworks, which are not always spectacular.

The Wuhans biggest fireworks show is being viewed as a success and an opportunity to make New Year more festive, local media reports, but many residents say it is too much and that it has been a failure to make it more festive.

“I want to celebrate this New Year with my friends, not with fireworks,” a woman told the state broadcaster CCTV.

She added: “I want fireworks, not fireworks.”

A senior official in Wuhang, who declined to be named, said the new fireworks display was being staged in an attempt to make the celebrations more festive but that the fireworks display could not go past 10pm because of traffic and other traffic problems.

It has been organised by a group called the Wuhanzhou People’s Fireworks Festival, which has not had a New Year celebrations since 2016.

Officials said they would continue to provide a free fireworks show every day during the celebration, but there were restrictions on how many fireworks could be displayed and the time of day that they could be lit.

Wuhan is a city of about 12 million people in China’s north-east, in the far western province of Hubei.

The government is yet to formally announce the reason for the cancellation, which would take effect on January 13, but residents are calling for the government to do so.

They have been venting their anger on social media, with one person telling the local paper the fireworks are an embarrassment.

In a blog post, the Wufan Fireworks Society, which organised the fireworks show, said it was not “too late to cancel” the event.

“[The] city council is considering all the possible options and will decide on the appropriate time to hold the New Years celebration,” it said.

But Wuhamans local councillor Zhang Xin told the official news agency Xinhua that it was “too soon” to call for the event to be cancelled.

Many Chinese people, including many of the city’s elderly, were expected to attend the fireworks, he said.

Mr Zhang said the city had not been prepared for the huge crowds.

“We had been planning to celebrate New Years with family and friends and have had so many people who have travelled to other cities in the area,” he said, adding that people had been waiting for days to attend.

“Some have already come to the city and many others have waited until tomorrow to arrive,” he added.

China has long had a reputation as a fireworks festival country.

Last year, a huge fireworks display in the city of Hainan caused a huge outcry when a woman’s foot was crushed by a massive fireworks display.

The city of Guangzhou had also recently staged its own fireworks display, but was seen as far less successful than the city in Wüan.

The fireworks in Wushan are seen as “fancy”, but not very spectacular, with locals saying they do little to impress onlookers.

Last year in Wuzhou, hundreds of people took to the streets, demanding the government ban the fireworks.

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