Why you’re not wearing a red ring this year

Posted January 07, 2019 06:12:33If you’re new to the year, you can get started on January 1st with some festive fun, and some great events.

Here’s a list of some of the best things to do in 2018 and what to look forward to in 2019.

New Year’s Eve:A big party in Melbourne with a new year’s theme will be taking place at the Melbourne Zoo in 2019 with DJs, live entertainment and food.

This will be the first time that the Zoo has hosted a New Year’s event, with the zoo previously having held the celebration every year since 2005.

It will also be the start of a new theme park which is set to open in October 2019.

It’s also the year of the big day for people to get in their cars and head out to a city to celebrate their city, so the city’s theme park will be a huge hit with many locals.

Here are some of our favourite New Year celebrations.

New Years Eve at the Zoo:New Year at the zoo is the first day of the year to mark the start date of the calendar, so you can start your celebrations right away.

The zoo will be opening their doors to the public at 11am on January 2, with a fireworks show starting at 2pm and a new car parade starting at 4pm.

For more information about the zoo, check out the zoo’s website.

New years eve fireworks at Melbourne Zoo:Here are the highlights of the fireworks show in Melbourne.

The fireworks will start off at 3pm and will last for around an hour and a half.

Aerial shots will show a large, colourful backdrop of fireworks which will burn over a large area in the night sky, and the theme park’s theme car will be seen racing across the sky.

There will also also be a number of balloons popping up in the sky from the city centre.

The balloons will eventually crash into the city walls at 7.15pm, and fireworks will then be fired again at 8pm.

As part of the celebrations, the zoo will also host a party for visitors.

A fireworks display will take place at 1pm, with thousands of balloons floating in the air at the top of the tower and thousands of people participating in the event.

The theme park has also set up a live streaming video of the event, which will be streamed online.

More information about New Year at The Zoo.

New year at the museum:The Victorian Museum is the only Australian museum to have a New Years Eve party.

New and improved:The museum is offering a new look for 2019, with its main galleries looking a little different.

Here is a sneak peek of the new galleries.

New entrance fee:Visitors to the Victorian Museum can now get in for just $2, and can now enter for free.

The museum has also raised the entry fee to $5.

New events:The New Year is also a big event for the zoo and the zoo has some exciting new events planned.

The Victorian Zoo is hosting its annual New Year Eve celebration on New Years Day, and has released some of its best events for 2019.

This year’s event is going to be something special for everyone, with music, entertainment and more.

Here we show you the new entrance fee and some of New Year events happening this year.

New entry fee for zoo visitors:The zoo is offering zoo visitors $2 for entry into the zoo.

This is a nice little break from the crowds that normally make up New Year celebration for the animal visitors.

The entrance fee for visitors will be raised to $4, with tickets being available for purchase for $6.

Tickets can be purchased online.

New arrival:A new arrival will be on-site for $3.

New admission:The Zoo will be holding a special New Year entrance fee of $5 for visitors that arrive after 12pm on January 6.

New arrivals will be able to stay in the zoo until 6pm on New Year, but visitors will have to leave the zoo by 6am on New Day.

More on the Victorian Zoo and New Year.

New New Year:A celebration for those in search of something different.

The Victoria Zoo has set up an alternative New Year themed entrance, with guests getting a chance to enter a brand new zoo.

Visitors will have a chance of getting a surprise when they arrive at the new zoo entrance on January 7.

New theme park:The Victoria City Zoo is one of the most famous parks in Australia and will be offering visitors a new way to experience the zoo in 2019, through an event called New New Year Theme Park.

This is a huge new theme for the city, which is going with a theme of Christmas.

New event at zoo:There will be an event for zoo patrons to try on new shoes and a New Christmas card on January 9.

New holiday theme park event:There are plans to launch a New New Years Holiday themed event, as part of New Years celebrations.

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