New Years video clips – a lot of people have watched it, and it’s been playing at a lot – and what are the reactions to them?

NEW YEAR COMING: New Years: More than just a party, New Years has also become a time to look back on the year ahead and celebrate the achievements of the Jewish people.

This is an important part of Jewish life and, as the name suggests, this is a time of reflection and celebration.

There are a lot to look forward to.

This year marks the first anniversary of the state of Israel, which was created in 1948 and became the State of Israel in 1993.

On that occasion, Israel declared itself “free, sovereign, and independent”, and the country became a sovereign state, with full diplomatic and security ties with all the other nations of the region.

It also became the first country to become a nuclear state.

In addition, it also became one of the first to establish an official “national holiday”, which falls on New Years Eve every year on January 21, to commemorate the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, and to mark the anniversary of Israel’s independence.

This has become a major celebration across the country, and the celebrations are not limited to the Jewish population.

There is a huge cultural exchange taking place in the country; the country is also known for its wine and food, and is a centre for Jewish tourism.

In the Jewish world, it is often called “the New Year”, and people spend the night in their homes.

But for the rest of the world, New Year’s Day has become known as “Hamas Day” – a reference to the Islamist group’s armed wing, the Hamas.

Many Israelis, as well as Palestinians, feel that it is a political and religious attack on the Jewish state.

The most important part is that we celebrate this special day, which is a Jewish holiday.

This day is a moment to reflect on our achievements and our victories, and a chance to reflect and to reflect.

There’s no doubt that New Years Day has been the most important day of the year in Israel.

It has become the official “holiday” of the country.

This makes it the only holiday where a Jew can take part in the celebrations without the approval of the government.

And it’s also a great opportunity for the country to celebrate the Jewish identity and our achievements.

It’s the day that celebrates the history and the achievements that have been made in the Jewish community.

There was a period during the year when Israel was in a state of crisis, and there was also a period when the Palestinians were in a violent conflict with the Israeli military.

All of this led to the Israeli government deciding to create the first National Day of the Year.

But this national day is not the only celebration of the holiday; it also celebrates the achievements and the successes of the Jews in Israel, in terms of their national identity, the country’s national achievement, and in the international community as a whole.

It is also a day to remember the Holocaust, the destruction of the State Of Israel, the loss of the two million Jews in Europe, and other important events.

But it is also an opportunity to remember all of the achievements made by the Jewish State.

This national day, along with the national holidays that follow, marks the centenary of the creation of Israel.

For that, I’m grateful.

The first National holiday in Israel was the one called Yom HaShoah.

This holiday is celebrated on the first day of each Jewish month and is observed on the evening of the 21st of every month, as it is called in Hebrew.

The Israeli flag is flown at half-mast at the start of the day, and also at sunset.

A national holiday was established in order to mark this milestone in Israel’s history, and today, the first national holiday is also celebrated on Yom Yom.

As in many countries, Israel also celebrates Yom Kadosh – the Jewish festival of thanksgiving.

There has been a lot written about the importance of the Yom Kehilla holiday, which commemorates the Jewish liberation from the Babylonian captivity.

This event commemorates a significant moment in the history of the Israeli people, and of Israel as a Jewish nation.

In 1948, the State and its government were divided into three different states: The State of Palestine, which Israel declared in the West Bank and Gaza Strip; The State Of Jordan, which remained in its traditional Arab form; and The State To The West, which became independent from Jordan.

The Palestinians were divided between the Arab-majority areas in the north, the majority of the West, and Gaza.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) ruled the north and the east.

In 1967, Israel captured the Gaza Strip and the West from the Palestinians, and annexed it as a territory.

This resulted in a long conflict that continues today, which has involved the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), Hamas, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), and

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